Dutch pilot projet "earmarks" fish

Dutch pilot projet "earmarks" fish

Oct 20, 2011
Dutch pilot projet "earmarks" fish


(Translated via Google from Dutch to English and edited.)

Although fish have no ears, some fish are still earmarked. Fishermen in Lauwersoog have been doing this for a few weeks on a project tracing the origin of their fish.

"This is just to find out where it comes from, how fresh it is and who caught it," says Barbara Rodenburg. She works with Jan Geertsema, along with some Dutch fishermen , on the global project "Thisfish". They sell the tagged fish at markets in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

The reactions were positive: "The people are super excited. People like to see where the fish comes from," says Rodenburg.

"Thisfish" was started in Canada by an organization that aims to promote sustainable fisheries. Rodenburg and Geetsema also fish in a sustainable manner, where small quantities are caught. One by one, the fish are handled, cleaned and for the last few weeks tagged.

The tag has a code that can be traced on the site www.thisfish.info, and all information from the earmarked fish appears. "This allows consumers to get information about the fish."

"It's very important that fish are more recognizable and traceable in the supply chain. It is unique that you can see where each individual fish is caught, when and by whom."

"We want our fish recognizable and hope that the consumer is ultimately willing to pay more for," says Rodenburg.

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