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Mud Crab

serrate swimming crab, mangrove crab, mud crab

Mud Crab

Samoan crabs grow in a step-wise fashion through a succession of moults until they reach maturity after 18-24 months. The moult that marks the transition from juvenille to a mature state is the final or terminal moult for most male and all female crabs. Death is thought to occur at a maximum of four years. At maturity, the claws of the male increase in proportion to body size, comprising up to 40% of the body weight, making them prized for the meat content. 

Mud Crab

Food Info Mud Crab


Flavour:Medium to Strong 

Moisture: Moist

Texture: Medium to Firm

Flesh Colour: Translucent when raw and white to off-white when cooked. The shell turns red when cooked

Samoan is delicious in soups and bisques, or as a filling for seafood tortellini. In a salad, dress with light vinaigrettes using flavoured oils such as walnut, and cascade the flesh over a mound of curly endive with a selection of citrus fruits.

Species Range
serrate swimming crab
mangrove crab
mud crab

Hawaiian mud crabs are widely distributed through the Indo-Pacific region and around the Indian Pacific Ocea to east Africa. They are also found in Hawaii. People brought the these crabs to Hawaii in 1926. From then until 1935, commercial fishery hopefuls released 98 crabs on Oahu, Hawaii island and Molokai. With females producing 2 million eggs at a time, and releasing them offshore, it didn't take long for the crabs to get around. They are now found on all the main islands.

Samoan crabs are easily recognized by their broadly flattened back legs with paddle-like last segments. They have a smooth carapace with very robust claws, and is deep green in color. 

Fishing Methods

{'fisheries': [<License: Samoan Crab by Trap>], 'gear': <Gear: Crab Trap>}

Crab Trap

This fishery uses wire traps submerged on the seafloor to catch Dungeness crab. Traps are attached to lines and marked by floats on the surface. The traps attract crab with bait and capture them live.


Featured Harvester Bernie Berry

Mangrove Crab Harvester

Canavieiras, Brazil

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