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Grey Mullet

Thick-lipped mullet, Bonefish of the North

Grey Mullet

Slow-growing, long-lived and late-maturing, grey mullet is one of three mullet species which occur in northern European waters. These fish can live to a reported age of up to 25 years with maturity occurring at nine years for males and 11 years for females. Spawning generally occurs from January through April at sea. The eggs develop in the sea and juveniles migrate inshore, colonizing the intertidal zone and estuaries. Grey mullet eat algae and live inshore, entering lagoons, estuaries and rivers. The species can be found from the Mediterranean to North Sea.

Grey Mullet

Food Info Grey Mullet


  • Colour: bright white with some dark meat
  • Texture: very lean with a wonderfully firm texture that holds well when grilled or steamed whole
  • Flavour: a moderate fresh flavour from clean waters, but a muddy taste when caught in brackish or sweet water.
  • Perfect serve: Be aware that mullet cooks very quickly, so be careful not to overcook as it will become dry. Grey mullet does well when steamed with fresh spinach to offset its slight nuttiness. Even better though, this fish is excellent eaten raw or slightly marinated in good quality vinegar. 
Species Range
Grey Mullet range Source:
Thick-lipped mullet
Bonefish of the North
Grey Mullet by Beach Gill Net Apr 30 - Oct 31

Grey mullet have an upper lip that is thick, prominent and hard, giving it the nickname “thick-lipped” mullet. The fish belongs to a large family of marine fishes, made up of some 80 species, known collectively as Muglidae. Since the fish lives in shallow waters close to the shore, Europeans have been catching and eating mullet since antiquity.

Grey mullet are dark green to bluish grey on their backs with silvery grey sides and a white belly. Six to seven distinct dark-coloured bands also run long the body lengthwise. The fish averages from two to four kilograms and is strong, sturdily built with thick, hard scales. As an algae eater, grey mullet is a very clean, vegetarian fish whose roe are also considered a delicacy. 

Fishing Methods

{'fisheries': [<License: Grey Mullet by Beach Gill Net>], 'gear': <Gear: Beach Gillnet>}

Beach Gillnet

This fishery uses curtains of netting suspended by a system of floats and weights along the seashore to catch fish. The fine netting is almost invisible so fish unwittingly get caught in the mesh.


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