ThisFish's head office is located in Vancouver, Canada. We also have an office in Bangkok, Thailand; Manila, Philippines and Lima, Peru to support our customers in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

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Eric Enno Tamm
CEO / Co-Founder
Vancouver, Canada
eric [at]
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Connor Swain
Lead Software Developer
Vancouver, BC
connor [at]
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Rax Otero
Software Developer
Manila, Philippines
rax [at]
Team Member Picture
Songwut Cotcharat
Technical Support Engineer
Bangkok, Thailand
songwut [at]
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Jaime Franco
Lead Systems Engineer
Lima, Peru
jaime [at]
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Clark van Oyen
Senior Software Developer - Associate
Vancouver, Canada
clark [at]
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Ferdinand Polpol
Software Developer - Associate
Davao City, Philippines
ferdinand [at]
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Jóhan Joensen
FFAW Traceability Coordinator
Newfoundland and Labrador
Joensen [at]

Vietnamese Aquaculture

Please contact Fresh Studio, our channel partner in Vietnam, regarding solutions for the farmed shrimp and farmed fish sectors in the country.

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Alban Caratis
Aquaculture Manager
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
alban.caratis [at]

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