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Health conscious. Tech savvy. Environmentally concerned. Socially responsible. Craving authenticity. People nowadays hunger for more than great taste. They want to feel good about what they eat. That's especially true with seafood.


ThisFish's Latest Catch Portal makes it easy for restaurants and retailers to upload, display and share the story of their seafood. The innovative traceability technology lets you engage consumers like never before.

Storytelling made simple.

Discovering the story of your seafood is easy. Learn who caught your seafood, when, where and how in just one click. Use QR codes and short web links to share seafood stories on menus, signs, websites and more. Share on Facebook or Twitter.

Enriching experiences.

The worldís most dangerous job is no longer a thankless one. Connect with - and give thanks to - those who harvest your catch by tracing its journey. Delight diners with authentic stories of real fish harvesters. Even email your harvester a thank-you note.

Protecting people & planet.

There shouldn't be anything fishy about  eating seafood. Yet mislabeling and fraud remain far too common in the seafood industry. Traceability builds trust and rewards transparency. Help promote responsible fish harvesting by requesting traceable catch.


1. Sign Up

Contact ThisFish to get a username and password for your online account at Email or call 604.682.4141.

2. Profile

Login to to create a basic profile including a company logo, description, image gallery, locations, contact details, and more.

3. Market

Decide how youíd like to share your Latest Catch Portal. QR codes, shortened URLs and online links can be printed on signs, menus, table tents, receipts and websites. ThisFish can help you create QR codes and shortened URLs. 

4. Source

Source seafood from a traceable supplier that provides you with ThisFish codes on the product.

5. Upload

Upload traceable codes. When traceable product arrives at your business, simply log the codes and receiving date through the ìdata entryî feature on your ThisFish Dashboard. Your latest catch will now be displayed on your portal. As new catch appears, the older catch is archived.

6. Engage

Donít forget to engage your staff. Empower them to trace the latest catch and encourage customers to discover the story of their seafood.

7. Scan, Click, View

Once you are set up, your customers can easily access your Latest Catch Portal through a QR code or link using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Itís as simple as scan, click and view.

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