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Female entrepreneur pioneers

Female entrepreneur pioneers 'traceable fish' in Hawai'i

Apr 10, 2018

KITV4 Island News profiles Ashley Watts, owner of Local I'a, about bringing fresh, traceable fish to local markets via ThisFish's Trace platform.


5 'game-changing' consumer trends a boon to traceable seafood

Nov 20, 2013

A new report identifies five “game-changing” consumer trends that could drive future growth for traceable seafood. Opportunties abound for those willing to get plugged in to a retail world of tech-savvy, conscientious consumers.

ThisFish expands into New England fisheries

ThisFish expands into New England fisheries

Jun 19, 2013

One of New England’s most innovative suppliers of fresh, local seafood has teamed up with ThisFish to bring traceable catch to seafood lovers in Rhode Island and surrounding states. Brown Family Seafood is tracing fish from a group of fishing vessels in Point Judith, RI.