Humongous "hippo" halibut landed at start of season

Humongous "hippo" halibut landed at start of season

Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) earned its "hippo" scientific name from its humongous size. Just ask Captain Jeff Belveal of the F/V "Island Sunrise" who landed some of the first traceable halibut in British Columbia three days after the season opened on March 20th. One "hippo" weighed in at an astonishing 160 pounds.

CTV News on Vancouver Island did a story about the first traceable halibut that was landed in Port Hardy and shipped to Thrifty Foods. Thifty Foods has launched a "First of the Season" special for fresh halibut and has more than 55 great halibut recipes on their website.

See the slideshow and video below of the first halibut catch of the season that is traceable through Thisfish. Congratulations to Captain Jeff Belveal and his crew for a job well done.