Where’d this fish come from? Sobeys will let you know

Where’d this fish come from? Sobeys will let you know

By BILL POWER Business Reporter
Halifax Chronicle-Hearld

SEPT. 22, 2011 - Purchasers of fresh haddock at Sobeys stores on Wednesday could enter a code at their computer to learn the fish was caught a few days ago by Martin d’Entremont and his crew on eastern Georges Bank and landed fresh at West Pubnico.

It’s all part of a groundbreaking tracking system for fresh seafood the grocery giant implemented this week in Atlantic Canada, with the assistance of a tracking program devised by Ecotrust Canada of Vancouver.

Since its introduction 18 months ago, the tracking program called Thisfish appears to be evolving as fast a fish can swim.

"We’ve just completed a mobility application that will allow consumers to scan a bar code on the product with their smartphone and learn right there in the store when, where and how the fish was landed," Eric Tamm, head of marketing for the undertaking, said in an interview. [Thisfish note on misquote: We are launching a mobile website, not a mobile app, and we won't be employing bar codes just yet.]

"It might not be as good as sampling the product first-hand, but it’s pretty close."

Ecotrust Canada is also just completing negotiations for the first European seafood provider to join the dozens already on the system.

The tracking system and the website have been winning fans among consumers and producers since it was introduced.

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