Opah (Moonfish)


Opah (Moonfish)

Lampris guttatus

Opah is a pelagic species, often found with tuna and billfish. The fish is found in southern waters and has recently become popular with restaurants in Hawaii. All of the opah landed in Hawaii are caught by longlining. Almost all opah sold in the U.S. market are from Hawaii.

This species is very colourful with a silvery-grey upper body color and a rose red dotted with white spots toward the belly. Its fins are crimson, and its large eyes are encircled with gold. An opah has three types of flesh, each a different color. Behind the head and along the backbone is an attractive orange colored flesh. Toward the belly, the flesh pales to a pink color. The fish’s cheeks yield dark red flesh. These types of flesh all cook to a white color.

Opah (Moonfish)

Scientists know very little about the opah's life history. This is due to the fact that it is a deep ocean fish with only a minor commercial fishery. 

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