For Fishermen

ThisFish offers fish Harvesters a way to meet the growing demand of consumers who are hungry for information on the origins and sustainability of their seafood.

ThisFish allows fish harvesters to better connect to their markets and to brand their catch through personal storytelling. We help harvesters tap new markets, build greater customer loyalty and create premium local and regional seafood brands. We also provide harvesters unprecedented market intelligence and direct consumer feedback.

Here’s what ThisFish has to offer:

  • Branding: Fish harvesters create their own online profiles with stories, images, videos, links, vessel and crew information, and more, which is used to personally brand their catch. 
  • Traceability: Fish harvesters use our online traceability tool to upload their catch information, including the unique codes that are used by consumers to trace their catch. 
  • Consumer Feedback: Through, consumers can send private messages to the fish harvesters who caught their seafood.
  • Market Intelligence: Fish harvesters have their own private digital dashboard at that allows them to monitor tracing activity, including an interactive world map that shows from where their catch is being traced. 

Currently, more than 750 fishing vessels are registered in our traceability system. We are also working closely with several fish harvester organizations on both coasts.

Fish Harvesting Partners:

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