Distributors & Wholesalers

Seafood distributors and wholesalers are hubs in the supply chain, delivering catch to their networks of retailers and restaurants.

These markets, which are often far from the sea, are increasingly demanding information on a product’s authenticity, quality and sustainability. Through traceability, ThisFish offers distributors and wholesalers a way to supply their customers with trusted, verifiable product information. We help seafood businesses tap new markets and build greater customer loyalty and trust in seafood.

Here’s what ThisFish has to offer:

  • Branding: Through traceability, distributors and wholesalers can begin to source local and particular regional varieties of seafood and educate their customers about their unique qualities.
  • Traceability: Seafood businesses can use our online traceability tool to upload shipping and handling data that consumers can access when tracing a product.
  • Quality: Traceability creates accountability and thus can improve the quality of fishermen’s catch and its handling throughout the supply chain.

Distributors and buyers in Atlantic Canada’s lobster fishery and several BC fisheries are currently participating in our traceability system.

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