ThisFish's head office is located with Ecotrust Canada in Vancouver, BC. However, our team is scattered across the country from Vancouver, Squamish, Ottawa and Prince Edward Island.


Tasha Sutcliffe, Vice President Ecotrust Canada
Vancouver, BC
tasha @

Eric Enno Tamm, Manager
Ottawa, ON
eric @

Clark van Oyen, Lead Engineer
Vancouver, BC
clark @

Natalie Hunter, Client Services & Marketing
Squamish, BC
natalie @ 

Chelsey Ellis, Pacific Coordinator
Ladysmith, BC
chelsey @ 

Ruth Inniss, Atlantic Coordinator
Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia
ruth @

Racheal Weymer, Project Manager
Vancouver, B.C.
racheal @

Galen Marisco, Software Developer
Vancouver, BC
galen @


Tom Karpik, Software Engineer & System Analyst
Vancouver, BC
tom @ 


Fish, Food & Allied Workers are partners with ThisFish in coordinating and training fish harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador. Please contact one of the regional coordinator for assistance:

  • SOUTHWEST COAST: Mandy Ryan Francis, Traceability Coordinator, tel: 709-660-3265 and email: